Non-perforated and cross-woven for balanced breathability and leading water resistance
Optimized Building Wrap & Air Barrier Offering the Best Value

CastlePro NXT MP combines the excellent value of a cross-woven structure and the superior performance of a non-perforated barrier layer to help prevent water intrusion, restrict air movement and allow vapor to escape to create a better functioning wall system. Exceptional water resistance and balanced level of vapor transmission creates the highest value non-perforated building wrap and air barrier. Suitable for use in residential and commercial products.

Performance Features that Make a Difference

Exceptional Durability: Highest tear and tensile strength in its class.
Highest Water Resistance: 500 cm of water resistance when tested in accordance with AATCC 127.
Certified Air Barrier: Exceeds requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code.
Balanced Level of Vapor Transmission: Facilitates the movement of water vapor at a balanced rate to create a healthier wall.
UV Stable for 180 Days: Engineered to withstand the elements.
Exceeds Building Code Requirements: Compliant with all applicable US codes, including NFPA 285 for mid-rise commercial structures.
Easier to Install: High tenacity tapes create a smaller roll size for efficient and cost-effective installation.

Building Code Compliance

ICC Evaluation Services (AC38) / ASTM E 2178 (Air Barrier Material) / HUD/FHA UU-B-790A / NFPA 285

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Typical Properties
Property Standard UoM Typical Result1
Basis Weight ASTM D 5261 g/m2 90
Tensile Strength (MD/CD) ASTM D 882 lbs/inch 71/50
Water Vapor Transmission Rate ASTM E 96, Method A g/m2/24 hours 84
Water Vapor Permeance ASTM E 96, Method A perms 12
Water Penetration Resistance AATCC 127 cm H20 500
Water Resistance ASTM D 779 minutes 60
Water Ponding ASTM E 2556, A 1.1 Pass/Fail Pass
Air Resistance ASTM E 2178 L/sec/m2 @ 75 Pa 0.01
Flame Spread Index ASTM E 84 Class A
Smoke Developed Index ASTM E 84 Class A
Ultraviolet Light (UV) Exposure Internal Days 180
1. Results reflect typical properties of control/non-conditioned specimens. Values should not be interpreted as limiting specifications and will vary within typical manufacturing tolerances.

Roll Sizes
3' x 100' 3' x 150' 3' x 195'
9' x 100' 9' x 150' 9' x 195'
10' x 100' 10' x 150' 10' x 195'
Other sizes available per request.


CastlePro products should be stored away from direct exposure to sunlight. Ensure that CastlePro products are protected from sources of high heat or ignition during transportation, storage and installation.

Warranty Information

All CastlePro products carry a limited warranty. Please consult the resources section of this site or call (804) 321-5867 for a copy of the CastlePro limited warranty. Aside from the published limited warranty documents, no other warranty, express or implied, is given, including any implied warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose. The material manufacturer, Jumpstart Consultants, Inc., believes the information and recommendations herein to be accurate and reliable. However, since the use and conditions are not within its control, Jumpstart Consultants, Inc. does not guarantee results from the use of such products or other information herein and disclaims all liability from any resulting damage or loss.

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