Consistent walkability and unparalleled stability on roof slopes of 6:12
Engineered for Exceptional Deck-Stability and Consistent Walk-Ability

Optimized for steeper sloped roofs, CastlePro UL20 features a unique anti-slip underside to create exceptional stability underfoot and resist pulling around fasteners in high-traffic areas. The pill-resistant textile surface resists pilling and installs quickly without wrinkling or buckling. Built for use in residential and commercial applications at any slope, optimized for use on 6:12 roof slopes.

Performance Features that Make a Difference

Consistent Walkability: High-tenacity textile surface resists pilling and provides more consistency than other fibrous and embossed surfaces.
Enhanced stability: Engineered to grip the roof deck and resist sliding at 6:12 roof slopes.
Easy Application: Holds chalk marks and installs without wrinkling or warping.
Versatile: For use in all code-compliant roof assemblies.
Stable: Can be exposed to sunlight for up to 90 days prior to covering.
Tough: Higher strength properties than conventional materials.
Peace of Mind: 20-Year limited warranty and a Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108).

Building Code Compliance

ICC Evaluation Services (AC188) / ASTM E 108 - Class A / ASTM D 226, Types I & II

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Typical Properties
Property Standard UoM Typical Result1
Water Vapor Permeance ASTM E 96, Method A perms 0.1
Water Transmission ASTM D 4869 Pass/Fail Pass
Tear Strength (MD/CD) ASTM D 4533 lbf 23/20
Tensile Strength (MD/CD) ASTM D 751 lbf 95/85
Burst Strength ASTM D 751 psi 130
Elongation ASTM D 751 % 18
Basis Weight ASTM D 5261 g/m2 96
lbs/square 1.96
Nominal Thickness ASTM D 1117 mils (0.001") 6.2
UV Exposure Internal Days 90
1. Results reflect typical properties of control/non-conditioned specimens.

Roll Sizes
40" x 300' (10 Square) 40" x 120' (4 Square) 60" x 200' (10 Square)
Other sizes available per request.


CastlePro products should be stored away from direct exposure to sunlight. Ensure that CastlePro products are protected from sources of high heat or ignition during transportation, storage and installation.

Warranty Information

All CastlePro products carry a limited warranty. Please consult the resources section of this site or call (804) 321-5867 for a copy of the CastlePro limited warranty. Aside from the published limited warranty documents, no other warranty, express or implied, is given, including any implied warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose. The material manufacturer, Jumpstart Consultants, Inc., believes the information and recommendations herein to be accurate and reliable. However, since the use and conditions are not within its control, Jumpstart Consultants, Inc. does not guarantee results from the use of such products or other information herein and disclaims all liability from any resulting damage or loss.

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